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Certified Canine Behavior Specialist, The Academy of Dog Behavior

Certificate of Excellence in Science of Animal Behavior Change, Dr. Sue Friedman


International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Supporting Member


Certified Nose Work Instructor, NACSW


Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Full Member


The Pet Professional Guild, Full Member


Journal of Veterinary Behavior, Subscription



Colleen M Griffith Productions and Happy Tail Dog Training are both owned and operated by Colleen Griffith, CNWI, CCBS, and Professional Photographer. She is based near Baltimore, MD.

Photo: Self portrait.  Copyright 2011 Colleen M Griffith. All rights reserved. 

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HAPPY TAIL DOG TRAINING  &  COLLEEN M GRIFFITH PRODUCTIONS are both owned and operated by Colleen Griffith, CNWI, CCBS, and Professional Photographer.  She is based near Baltimore, Maryland.

lColleen M Griffith Productions: Colleen is a full-service and versitile professional photographer providing video production and photography for individuals, events, organizations, and corporations across a wide variety of industries and including both personal and commercial markets. 

Colleen provides video production services in the areas of marketing and selling of business products and services, education, and filming canine sports. She films NW and other canine scent sport venues in the following states: CT, DE, MA, MD, NJ, OH, PA, RI, VA, and WV. To date she has filmed over 200 K9 NW trials at all levels, including NACSW Nationals. She also provides videography and photography services in the areas of corporate advertising and social media video content, head shots, individual and family photo shoots, pets, culinary, fine art, real estate, photo restoration, and events.  

Visit her photography and production websites at



Happy Tail Dog Training: Colleen is also a Certified Nose Work Instructor and Certified Canine Behavior Specialist. She provides services ranging from training in K9 Nose Work™ and other scent sport venues, socializing puppies, teaching structured play as a reinforcer within a reward based training system, modifying unwanted behaviors in dogs of all ages and breeds, reducing stress during vet visits, helping shy and fearful dogs, and modifying aggressive behavior.    


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